How to Lose Weight and Melt Fat with Only 3 Limes a Day?

If limes are not among your favorite healthy foods, then it is time you reconsider your choice! Offering so many precious health benefits, limes are considered to be among the best natural agents for melting body fat and losing weight.

Your body demands intake of healthy food and regular exercises so that you can burn fat and lose weight in a healthy and safe manner. What you need is a proper digestion so that the food calories can be processed and the useful food substances penetrate body cells. Therefore, if your digestion system does not work properly, your efforts to lose weight and melt stomach fat will be obstructed and will lead to minimum success.

In order to turn the weight loss and fat loss process in your favor, you need to include at least 3 limes daily on regular basis. You don’t need any special diet regime or slimming pills, what you need are only 3 limes.

Lime juice is great for slimming belly as it has a high level of acid which stimulates the digestive system and helps in lowering the negative influence that sweet food has on your organism. Here is how you can properly use the limes against surplus pounds.

Cut the lime and squeeze it in a glass. Add lukewarm water which means that your body does not need an additional effort to warm up the juice and it can start with the digestion process. If the water is cold, you will need more time for the digestion process to begin. This is something you must pay attention to while trying to lose belly fat and reduce weight effectively by using this method.

Mix the limeade well and drink the whole glass at once. It is important that the limeade is the first thing you drink in the morning since its effect is the best in the morning and it it is always on an empty stomach at least 1 hour before breakfast. Every morning, drink sugarless limeade, according to the recipe, before breakfast. In this way, your metabolism will activate and before calories enter your body, it will stimulate and speed up the digestion system and boost metabolism. Use the other 2 limes for the remaining of the day so that you prepare limeade twice, 1 hour before lunch hour and then take another glass 1 hour before going to bed.

Drinking lime juice combined with lukewarm water 3 times a day ( before breakfast, 1 hour before lunch time and 1 hour before going to bed) can lead to great weight loss results. It is considered as the best way to fight extra pounds and help lose excess belly fat.