How to Get Your Butt in Shape in 6 Tips

Having a firm round butt is one asset that one can be proud of.  But some people aren’t just lucky to have the kind of butt that they’ve wished for. And getting a well-shaped butt can sometimes be frustrating. Getting a nice tight butt isn’t going to happen overnight, but you can work this out and all you need to do is to have a lot of patience. The shape of your butt will depend on the work you put in to change it and how hard you work to make it happen. If you want results, you should follow the tips on how to get your butt in shape.

Tip #1: Begin by exercising.

You can never have a well-shaped butt without working it. Choose an exercise intended to shape butts. There are exercises that isolate the butt muscle like weight training. This kind of exercise can do wonderful routines that will work the butt.

Tip #2: Do some aerobic exercises.

Start doing aerobic exercises such as walking on a treadmill at an inclined position. You can also start riding a stationary bike and using an elliptical trainer.These will isolate your butt muscles and tone the legs as well.

Tip #3: Before you go to sleep, spare a few minutes to do some leg kickbacks.

Start by making 2 sets of 10 kickbacks on each leg. Do a leg kickback by getting down on all fours, leaning down on your elbows so that your body is tilted. Now lift your right leg off the ground and pull it into your stomach as far as you can. Then, extend your leg to the rear, and raise your foot as far as you can behind you, keeping your leg straight. Hold on to this position while flexing your butt at the count of five. Return your leg to the starting position. Repeat the same procedure to the other leg and complete one kickback. Repeat the procedure for at least 5 sets for each leg.

Tip #4: Try using a Swiss ball.

These are inexpensive and will allow you to do squats and crunches at home. Do some squats by placing the ball behind your back and leaning slightly against the wall. You need to squat slowly down until your lower legs are at a right angle. Hold on to this position. Flex your butt and then complete the procedure by standing back up straight. Crunches on the ball will help you tighten and work on your glutes if you focus on holding your butt up as you sit on the ball. Tuck it because it will also help you build a nice set of abs while you are in it.

Tip #5: Do the Deadrift.

This is performed by bending at the knees and grasping a barbell in front of you. You should wear a weight belt for this kind of exercise. Lift your legs as you stand and straighten your back. Make high reps with less weight to really concentrate on the bottom.

Tip #6: Walk.

Walking is also a great way to exercise and work on your glute muscles. The good news about this way to get your butt in shape is that you can have fun by inviting your friends or family out for a walk every day.

There are dozens of things you can do when burning butt fat and getting the area back in shape. You can use complicated exercises such as the deadrift or choose to do the simple steps like walking. Whatever way you choose, you will surely loosen up the butt area by adhering to these tips.