How to Burn Upper Body Fat with a Trampoline Using 6 Fun Tips

The use of a mini trampoline for weight loss started over a decade ago, and it is still in use today. Trampolines are advertised as a play thing, but today they serve a dual purpose. They can provide a fat burning workout while having fun with your family and friends. Here is how you can burn upper body fat with a trampoline.

Tip #1: Recognize the help a trampoline can provide when burning upper body fat.

Mini trampolines are great for cardio exercise and are very portable too. If you compare exercise on the ground and working out using a trampoline, the trampoline exercise is much easier. Mini trampolines also offer many benefits for the body such as helping increase metabolism, increasing oxygen, improving balance, firming and toning your muscles and strengthening your heart.

Tip #2: Begin by having a slow intensity move.

This method of exercise should be alternate between slow and fast, and high and low intensities. You can start by jumping in a soft bounce and mixing the ratios of working out 3 to 4 minutes on a slow speed and 1 minute of fast speed. This is just basic jumping to warm up your muscles giving you the chance to be familiar with your trampoline. You can also attach some support bar to your trampoline to prevent injury, especially if you are a beginner.

Tip #3: After warming up and loosening your muscles, start jogging in place.

Start bouncing again and begin a jogging motion. To add extra intensity, swing out your muscles and do this for about 2 to 3 minutes. Make some alternates by jogging in 2 minutes and bouncing for 2 minutes. Repeat the cycle for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Change out your techniques and ratios of steps. This kind of exercise can burn fat more quickly than an even paced work out.

Tip #4: Spread you feet apart with your arms raised to 90 degrees and do the twist.

Bend your knees and turn them right while your upper body turns left. Repeat this movement back and forth with intervals of jogging, squatting and bouncing at the same time.

Tip #5: Make a wide stance for the jumping jack method.

Spread your feet farther apart and clap your hands above your head. Bring them back down to the side of the body while simultaneously jumping up and closing your feet together. This technique will engage your full body to work out. To give extra intensity, use weights in your arms and ankles.

Tip #6: Consider how to maximize the use of the trampoline to burn upper body fat.

Trampoline workouts offer a great cardio work out but it also has a couple of things to consider. Like for instance you cannot make some intense bouncing if you just had your knee surgery or if you happen to have back problems. Be sure that your body will be fine with this kind of movement before starting your trampoline exercise. Consult your doctor if your body will be able to handle this kind of exercise. Like most exercise, trampoline workouts are dependent on the number variables like your weight, length of time and the intensity of your movements to the amount of fat you burn.
These are main tips to consider if you want to use a trampoline while burning upper body fat. You see, the tips are fun to do but it also requires some consideration for your health.