Drinks That Will Help You Lose Weight

Does the secret of weight loss hide in your glass? Are there any drinks that can simply and quickly rid you of excess weight? In this article, we will present you with several drinks that cannot hurt you in any way and will most certainly ease your weight loss. So let your summer routine of consuming healthy and weight loss aiding drinks begin!

Drink something hot. Refresh and speed up your metabolism by adding a pinch of ground hot pepper to your morning smoothie. The active substance capsaicin, contained in hot peppers, has been proven to improve digestion and boost metabolism by stimulating protein activity and dissolving fats. You can add a small amount of hotness to a glass of vegetable juice, hot chocolate, or a cocktail as well.

Start your day with green drinks. Let your day start with healthy energetic drink packed with nutrients. Your breakfast may be a juice or smoothie that contains green leafy vegetables such as collard greens, savoy cabbage, kale, and Swiss chard. Try this refreshing combination: cucumber, celery, collard greens, lettuce, lemon and apple.

Warm up with hot chocolate. Studies show that dark chocolate increases the serotonin levels in blood and thus makes us feel happier, and it has also been proven that happier people lose weight and reach their desired weight mush easier than others. Therefore, treat yourself with a cup of hot chocolate now and then.

Have a glass of warm milk before bedtime. A good night’s sleep affects our mood and the decisions we make the following day. Therefore, may good quality sleep be your priority. Before going to bed, have a glass of warm milk, which has been proven to soothe the organism and help it to prepare for sleeping due to the melatonin and tryptophan, two natural ingredients contained in milk that actually induce good sleep.

Cranberries are always a good choice! The latest researches have shown that if you regularly add low-calorie cranberry juice to your drinks, you will naturally lower your blood pressure because cranberries possess numerous antioxidants that are essential for the health of the digestive tract. If you don’t like the taste of cranberries, try consuming acai juice, green tea, coffee or red wine. Of course, in moderate amounts.

Drink water throughout the whole day. In this article concerned with healthy drinks, we simply cannot help but to mention water that is most certainly the healthiest drink of all. A sufficient amount of water during the day positively affects the flow of bodily fluids, reduces bloating, and body weight. It’s highly recommended that you drink water throughout the whole day. In addition, a few glasses of it before meals will prevent you from overeating.

Buy yourself a good juicer. If you want to invest in new kitchen appliances, we advise you to invest in a good quality juicer that will help you to quickly and simply prepare healthy and delicious fruit and vegetable juices. This investment will surely pay off.

Have soup for supper. The best way to suppress hunger during the evening hours and at the same time prevent you from taking in unnecessary calories, is by having soup. Your soup should contain antioxidants, vitamins and a small amount of proteins.