6 Tips on How to Know the Differences between Calories Burned and Fat Calories Burned

Many people are caught in between what calories burned and fat calories burned are. These two concepts seem confusing especially because there is a notion that when you burn calories, you also burn fat. How can you actually separate these two things from each other? The answer will be revealed through the tips provided below.

Tip #1: Define calorie.

Defining calories in its simplest form is to state that is it a unit of energy. It is originally defined by the Encarta dictionary as the quantity of heat that is required to raise temperature by 1 degrees Celsius more per gram of pure water. As a unit of food energy, however, calorie is one that denotes fat storage in the body once food is not converted to energy.

Tip #2: Distinguish how fat calories and calories alone are burned.

We all know that exercise allows us to burn that much needed energy. Calories burned during exercise may be derived from three things though – that is, fats, protein and carbohydrates. Now, if you want to burn more fat calories than protein and carbohydrate calories, you can certainly do so. The secret is to engage into more intensified exercises.

Tip #3: Look at its relation to body fat.

When you aim to burn calories to burn fat at the same time, you should consider more than 3,500 calories to lose that one pound you are aiming for. You have to consider though that the 3,500 calories may not all be sourced out from fat however, if you make effort to burn more calories in due time, your fat calories burned will surely increase.

Tip #4: Establish some misconceptions on the matter.

Some people think that to burn fat calories mean you should stay in a low intensity workout zone. As mentioned earlier, you need to involve in more intense workouts if you intend to increase calories burned from fat. Remember that fat calories burned tend to increase as soon as you engage in high intensity workouts.

Tip #5: Connect the terms to weight loss.

If you want to lose weight, you certainly have to lose fat as well. If you want more fat calories burned, you also have to burn more than the calories that you have taken in. The technique to hit the target is to make sure you also lessen the amount of fat you take in by the mouth. Make healthier food choices and you will surely lose weight from fat calories burned in no time.

Tip # 6: Strength training is important to burn more calories from fat.

Burning fat calories more than protein and carbohydrate equivalents can be done through the help of strength training. Lifting weights will help burn more fat tissues from the body.
You have now been given some facts that may help you distinguish calories burned from fat calories burned. The main thing you should remember in here is the fact that if you want to burn more fat calories, your intention is to make sure you also intensify your workout and eliminate fat from your regimen.