Great Looking Body: A Fat Freezing Procedure

You tried your best. You tried to control your calorie intake, you hit the gym several times a week and you also tried to engage yourself in an intense work-out but why does it seems like you just can't achieve your ideal body? Here's how to do it without worrying about downtime, surgeries and needles!

Most women with excess fat and cellulite would want to have those great sexy legs, a flatter tummy or a firmer upper arms. But how to do it with no scalpel needed, no needle, no anesthesia, no two to three weeks off from work? I will reveal how to fix those problem areas in no time with just a little help from modern technology!

The Cool Sculpting Technology is developed by the scientists of Wellman Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. It uses a fat freezing procedure to eliminate fat cells in our body. The fat in our skin is uniquely sensitive to cold, experts revealed that by applying cold to the skin, it brings the fat tissue close to freezing and make the fat cells die over the course of two to three months. When the fat cells die, your body naturally metabolizes them and excrete them away. For a single treatment, experts perceived up to 23% reduction in the amount of fat on the area being treated.

It's painless, you can go to back to your usual routine the same day, it only takes 60 minutes, it can be done over your lunch break and it ultimately does work! You can check your email, read a book or even take a nap!

So how much are we talking? Overall cost depends on the area to be treated, typically it starts from $750 and up. What to expect? If you treat your love handles around to the tummy area, it will trim off one to two inches from your waist line! How cool is that?

Cool Sculpting will make you feel better and beautiful, it will help you lose few inches on your tummy, legs and arms. One thing to remember, it is best to be examined by a physician if you are fit for Cool Sculpting vs. Surgery. This procedure is not a treatment for obesity and definitely not a weight loss device. After the treatment, it has to be combined with good diet and exercise for this procedure to be very much rewarding.